Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Mag-Wind Company, LLC

Mag-Wind - A home wind turbine that can produce up to 1,100 kwh power per month (depending of course on your specific location and the typical average wind). Works between 5 mph and 100 mph winds. Cost is roughly $10,000.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would like to know the specs, and prices for all models between 500 watts and 10kw,

Jeff Ruhren
Solarwind Alternative Energy
New York

2:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


OK so I dont think there is any one here that has seen one of these first hand. How about a dealer?? My name is Micheal Angelo Leone and i live in Hawaii. i am an Architect and run 2 companies. www.HawaiiArchitectural.com and the other is www.HiWindPower.com

Hee is the deal. The Texas company was paid to do beta models and proposed to handle production. but they sucked up all the money and the prototype failed. After some recoop and capital raising we have compnies in makeing the parts.

I have 2 on the way to Hawaii and there are working beta models all over the place, even in Italy.

The ones I have on the way are aluminum 10KW, 14' wide and 8' tall. I am a dealer and i know we are not finished yet with the testing and design. The nex run will be carbom fiber to cut down on weight and to be much stronger.

If any one trys to say they are a dealer or to ask for deposits run. I am a dealer and I am bring these two here to test out a special shape designed for Hawaii winds. Dont give Jim the inventer a hard time! He is working very hard to make this happen, the design is so much better then what we are use to it has taked a long time to work out the bugs. Once you see these things your going to be impressed.

Stop by every week or so to my web site and you can see updated photos and information. I wil be able to post full specs and roof mounting plans when i am finished with my 2 Hawaii installs.

A word to the digers out there, you should be digging the fals dealers that took deposits and ran, they were never dealers with Mag-Wind. I think we are working on a program for any one that can prove they were ripped off for deposits by fake dealers, to offer them systems "at cost" when they are in production.

Michael Angelo Leone

5:23 AM  

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